TSS Symbol Tournament Round 1

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The Savior’s Sister by Jenna Moreci is the second novel in The Savior’s Series and the companion novel to The Savior’s Champion. Check out the synopsis on Goodreads or read the free preview to find out more.

Release day: September 29, 2020

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To celebrate the novel’s upcoming release, I’m holding a character symbols tournament biweekly through to late September, right before book launch. Vote for your favourite character symbols in all of the sketch rounds, and the two most voted symbols from each round will go on to the revision round to become fully realized pieces of art.

Week of July 12: Competitors round 1 of 2
Week of July 26: Competitors round 2 of 2
Week of August 9: Leila, Naomi, and the Sisters
Week of August 23: Brontes and the Senators (note that I won’t be doing ALL of them)
Week of September 6: Misc. Palace Officials
Week of September 20: Top 10 designs revision round

Round 1: Competitors 1 of 2

Tobias, The Artist

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously the bloody crossed hand prints from The Savior’s Champion’s cover design, but let’s expand and play with his laurel. Since he’s The Artist, I’ve added a painter’s palette and a pair of paint brushes to the design.

Bjorne, The Bear

Bjorne is a giant of a man, strong and silent, and not much bothers him. Laughing in the face of danger? Pff! The Bear sleeps in the face of danger. Could I represent him with anything other than a large, lumbering bear?

Milo, The Benevolent

We don’t spend much time with Milo in TSC, and hardly any at all in TSS, but it’s clear that he’s a sweetie. To represent The Benevolent, I’ve drawn a dove (peace and innocence) and a heart (love and kindless.)

Zander, The Cavalier

Zander is here for fame and fortune, and entering the Sovereign’s Tournament for anything but the purest reasons is most definitely a cavalier (reckless) thing to do. His symbol is a sword through a crown.

Drake, The Dragon

The dragon believes his tattoos will protect him from harm in The Sovereign’s Tournament. I’ve chosen to represent The Dragon with a serpentine dragon drawn in tribal tattoo style.

Fabian, The Farmer

The Farmer didn’t make much of an impression on me, so let’s just play with his laurel. His symbol is a pitch fork crossed against an ear of wheat.

Raphael, The Intellect

In TSS we find out that Raphael is much more involved in the plot than we thought he was in TSC. I’ve chosen to represent The Intellect with a brain and a light bulb.

Neil, The Noble

Again, not one who made a big impression on me through either book, so let’s play with his laurel. I’m representing The Noble with a fleur de lys (nobility) over a valknut (chivalry.)

Altair, The Physician

The Physician, a.k.a. the thorn in Leila’s side, is a know it all. If he were a modern day doctor, he’d be the type to constantly point out that the Staff of Hermes is not the correct symbol for medicine, the Staff of Asclepius is, so that’s his symbol.

Kaleo, The Shepherd

Not much is known about The Shepherd or his life before The Sovereign’s Tournament other than the fact that everyone’s pretty darn sure he isn’t a humble shepherd. The man keeps a tally of his kills in the form of self-inflicted scars on his body, and he’s the primary reason most of the competitors are dying. His symbol is a shepherd’s hook crossed against a reaper’s scythe.

Vote Now!

Remember, the two symbols with the most votes from each round move on to the revision round, where I will create 10 fully realized pieces of art. Vote in this poll (you can come back and vote daily if you wish) and get more votes in by commenting on YouTube and visiting my posts for this round on my social media platforms.

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