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I’ve finally been tagged in a book tag! Thank you so much to readWithAnsu for tagging me. Neither of us knows who started this tag, so if you know, let me know. I am tagging Kira Can Read?, Ry’s Reading Corner, Bearded Bookworm, and Suhkroop and Books.

I’m more than willing to be tagged in book tags (for YouTube, for blogging, whatever) and tagged for entries in book/writing related giveaways as long as I can tag you back. Let’s have some fun!

1. Black Coffee: A tough book to get into, but has die-hard fans.

This Star Won’t Go Out – Esther Earl

Don’t get me wrong, I’m part of the die-hard fan base. Nerdfighters unite! But this book is a little bit of every category, and none at all. Esther Earl died of cancer in her early teens, and this is a memoire both by and about Esther as compiled by her parents. It’s short fiction, diary entries, photos, drawings, and more. It’s unique, and that’s intimidating, but it’s also absolutely worth the read.

2. Pepperming Mocha: A book that is popular during the holiday season.

The Night Before Christmas – Jan Brett

The original ’twas the night before Christmas story with stunning illustrations. My Mom always read this to my sister and I every Christmas Eve, even when we were still living at home in our early 20s.

I absolutely have a copy of this, courtesy of Mom, to carry on the tradition with my own daughter.

3. Hot Chocolate: Favourite childhood book.

The Elf & The Dormouse and Other Faerie Stories – Bob Petillo

This was my 9th birthday gift from my daycare provider, and it captivated and insired me for so many years. The illustratios are captivating, and the stories are fun. This is part of the reason why I always wanted to be both an author and an illustrator.

4. Double Short of Espresso: A book that had you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Quantum Night – Robert J. Sawyer

Human consciousness and morality can be boiled down to two quantum particles either in or not in superposition. Neither in superposition is a philosopher’s zombie; someone who lives life on autopilot and has no internal monologue. One in superposition is a sociopath; someone with an internal monologue but no morality. Two in superposition is truly conscious; internal monologue and morality. Under the right circumstances, a person can be cycled through these conditions in a closed loop: 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, etc.

A group of scientists wants to shock the whole world at once to make a change that achieves the greatest good. Shocking everyone twice means the largest group, the current philosopher’s zombies, gain an internal monologue and a moral compass. The current sociopaths are demoted to philosopher’s zombie. The current moral awakened, the smallest group, are left to tackle life as sociopaths but with the memory of what it was like to have a moral compass.

5. Starbucks: A book you see everywhere.

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

Everybody’s talking about this book. Everybody’s taking cute pictures with this book. I hear it has a sequel. I hear there’s a trilogy that preceded it that maybe, possibly has to be read first. I have no idea! I just know Bookstagram in particular is in love with this book.

6. Hipster Coffee Shop: Give an indie author a shout-out.

Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci’s third novel, adult dark fantasy romance The Savior’s Sister, releases September 29, 2020. You don’t want to miss this book! If you haven’t read The Savior’s Champion yet, do that now so you’re ready. TSC won’t spoil TSS, but TSS will spoil TSC. They’re companion novels with this one being the “behind the scenes” point of view.

Apply to be an ARC reviewer | Pre-Order TSS | Pre-Order Giveaway

Meg LaTorre

Meg LaTorre’s debut novel The Cyborg Tinkerer releases November 17, 2020. This steampunk space opera is all about a mysterious travelling cyborg circus in a star system where cyborgs are illegal, and things within the circus have gone horribly wrong. It also features a steamy LGBT+ love triangle (Team Bastian!) and dragons!

Pre-Order | Pre-Order Giveaway | Learn More

Joseph Harkreader

Joseph Harkreader is the author of the Knights of Avalon series, and you can get yours hands on Curse of the Shadow King now on Amazon.

I’ve been beta reading for him this summer, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to read The Exiled King!

Author website

7. Oops, I accidentally ordered decaf: A book you expected more out of.

The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

The Wise Man’s Fear is the second book in the King Killer Chronicle trilogy, and it definitely feels like it’s suffering from “middle book syndrome.” It didn’t deliver on the expectations set in The Name of the Wind. Kvothe didn’t spend nearly enough time at the university or exploring the magics we saw him mastering in book one. We spent far too much time gallivanting about the world, having sex with fairies and dancing with sword trees. Will we ever find out if book three saves the trilogy? Who knows! We’re fast approaching a decade since this book came out.

8. A Perfect Blend: A series both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying.

Discworld – Terry Pratchett

Although some of the stories are beautifully heartbreaking, most of this series is just plain hilarious. Pratchett is the king, Lord and savior of humorous high fantasy. If you’re not familiar with Discworld, you need to be!

If you’re not sure about Pratchett but you like Neil Gaiman, they did write Good Omens together, and the book is even better than the fantastic mini series on Amazon Prime. Let that be your Terry Pratchett gateway book!

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