TSS Character Symbols Tournament, Round 2

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The Savior’s Sister by Jenna Moreci releases September 29, 2020, and to help promote the book I’m holding a biweekly tournament of proposed character symbols to represent the cast of The Savior’s Champion and The Savior’s Sister. Voting on which symbols deserve to move on to the revision round the week of September 20th and receive complete art pieces is open until September 17th for all rounds. Vote for your favourite character symbol concepts by leaving comments here, on the YouTube video, everywhere I’ve posted across social media, and in the official poll. Multiple votes are acceptable! The poll accepts new votes daily.

The winning two symbols from each round will receive full art pieces in the revision round, to be posted the week of September 20-26. So far The Dragon is a clear winner from round 1, but we need more votes to determine who will be the second winner from that round!

Isaac, The Jester

We don’t spend a lot of time with Isaac, so I just went with the obvious: a jester’s hat. I am wondering, though, why a peasant type character in a world modeled on ancient Rome is titled The Jester. Is commedy a career option in Thessen, or is that the only significant thing about his personality?

Hansel, The Poet

The Poet was probably quite familiar with a pen and ink in his life before the Sovereign’s Tournament, so that’s what I’ve decided to represent him with: a feather quill dip pen resting in a well of ink.

Caesar, The Regal

It just felt right to make The Regal’s symbol as in-your-face as possible, so I put a crown on a lion. Captain Obvious, much? Yes.

Beau, The Adonis

The Adonis is a beautiful man with very little between his ears. The lights are on, but nobody’s home! I’ve chosen to represent him with the astrological symbol for “adonis,” but an alternate you can vote for by specifying in your comments is an Adonis dragonfly.

Enzo, The Dog

A foreign entrant in the tournament, The Dog is a bit of a wildcard. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s an inconsistent ally, and he’s most certainly not here to win the Savior’s hand if you catch my drift…

I’ve chosen to represent The Dog with a basic guard dog type breed shown in profile.

Antaeus, The Giant

All right, so… I forgot to draw The Giant during my filming session and it was late, so here’s a quick track pad digital art stick man rendition of what I planned for his concept. Remember that winning designs do go to redesign. It wouldn’t just be a prettier version of these sloppy stick figures.

Flynn, The Prince

Tobias’ early ally, and mostly one of the good guys, The Prince was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he has no idea what the 99% live like. I’ve chosen to represent him with an intricate crown.

Orion, The Hunter

Even the latest official character portrait for Orion features a bow and arrow, so did I really have any other choice? The Hunter is one of my favourites, and I’d really love to make a sexy Robin Hood type portrait for him…

Lucian, The Cetus

I have no idea what the title “Cetus” is meant to imply, but it’s awful close to cetacean, so here’s an orca, also known as a killer whale.

Garrick, The Brave

The Brave, as it turns out, is not so brave. His symbol needed to be not quite what it appears, so instead of a regal lion like The Regal, this lion is actually a moose.

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