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Welcome to the Westveil Archives! This is where author-illustrator Jenna Rideout discusses all things writing, childrens book illustrating, reading, and book-related fan stuff.

Bibliography is where you’ll find all published writing by Jenna Rideout. Jenna writes adult and YA Science Fiction & Fantasy novels, childrens stories with strong Canadian and Newfoundland themes, and writing resources.

Book Store is where you’ll find a convenient compiled list of all the places you can purchase currently available Jenna Rideout titles.

Finally, the Book Blog is where you’ll find all of our blog posts relavant to the Westveil Archives topics. This includes book reviews, writing articles, other book-related fan articles, book release announcements, and cross-over posts from the art blog containing fan art and discussion from book and writing topics. Most posts on this portion of the blog will have companion videos on The Westveil Archives YouTube channel.