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Illustration of three wooden mugs, designed based on mugs Peter of Rideout's Woodshop has made, done in alcohol ink by Jenna of Jenna Gets Creative.
Illustration of Peter’s wood mugs, by Jenna

Welcome to the combined portfolio & online “home base” of creative duo Peter Rideout (Rideout’s Woodshop) and Jenna Rideout (Jenna Gets Creative | Tora-Tova Design & Publishing). If you’re here for anything woodworking or looking to contact Peter, the “Rideout’s Woodshop” section of the menu is for you. If you’re here for Jenna Rideout’s art or writing content, refer to the “Jenna Gets Creative” and “Tora-Tova Publishing” menus.

Peter Rideout

Rideout’s Woodshop

Custom woodworking by journeyman carpenter Peter Rideout, located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada. I sell custom pieces and downloadable project plans.

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Jenna Rideout

Artist & Auhtor

I’m an artist and author located in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada.

Jenna Gets Creative is my online name and branding for anything to do with artwork, including my YouTube channel and Instagram feed. I dabble in all traditional and digital mediums, but my favourites are inks and coloured pencils.

I sell prints and other merchandise featuring my artwork on a variety of print on demand stores, and I take commissions!

The Westveil Archives is my online name and branding for anything to do with writing, book reviews, and other book-related fandom stuff. I run a YouTube channel, several other social media platforms, and a blog category dedicated to all things writing and books. Yes, I do book reviews, and I do accept ARCs! My genres are:
– Adult & YA Science Fiction
– Adult & YA Fantasy
– Adult & YA Mystery
– Adult & YA General Fiction
– Children’s Literature
– Writing Resources

You may also notice Tora-Tova Design & Publishing referenced some places here on the website or in the URLs on some of my platforms (ones that don’t allow URL changes.) This was my original umbrella “company” name before I joined forces in terms of online presence with my husband’s woodworking and became Rideout Designs NL.

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