Jenna Gets Creative

“Jenna Gets Creative” is the online presence name and YouTube channel used by Jenna Rideout for all of her artistic endeavours. This section of the Rideout Designs NL website is dedicated to Jenna Rideout, the independent artist from Newfoundland, Canada. For Jenna’s writerly business, book reviews, and other booky fandom stuff, please refer to The Westveil Archives section.

Hello! I’m a self-educated artist who works from home in Newfoundland, Canada. Although I do dabble in a variety of mediums and digital art, I love and always return to inks, coloured pencils, and pastel pencils. I’m so glad you’ve decided to check me out! I hope you’ll enjoy my gallery, and check out my YouTube channel. – Jenna Rideout

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No-Box Art Box Challenge


The #NoBoxArtBox challenge is an art/craft challenge created by Jenna Rideout in 2018. The concept is simple:

  1. First, pick an art or craft supply subscription box service (such as ScrawlrBox, SketchBox, etc.) and pick a past month’s box. Be sure you can look up the contents of that box.
  2. Once you’ve picked your past box and looked up what was included, replicate the supply list using items you already own. Match as close as possible without actually using that exact box.
    (If you own the exact item and you bought it yourself / got it from a different box / re-purchased it after receiving it in this box, it’s fair game. If you only own it FROM this exact box, don’t use it.)
  3. Get creative! If it’s an art box, make some art using only these supplies. If it’s a craft box, make the craft using only these supplies. If the original box had a prompt or a theme, try to stick to it.
    (You are, of course, allowed to add paper, a pencil, an eraser, etc. if needed and not originally given in the box.)

Use the hashtag #NoBoxArtBox when sharing the results of your No-Box Art Box adventures anywhere on social media, and feel free to give Jenna an extra shout out or message with your links to ensure a shoutout in an upcoming No-Box Art Box video on the Jenna Gets Creative YouTube channel!

Watch the official #NoBoxArtBox playlist (all artists):

Pokémon Card Design Challenge

Another recurring challenge series I like to do on my YouTube channel is a Pokémon design challenge where I open a Pokémon TCG booster pack and design a new pokémon based on 3 cards randomly selected from the pack.