Art Shop & Commissions

I sell art prints and various other printed merchandise items featuring my artwork on several print on demand service websites, and I am also available to take commissions for original works. Items ordered from print on demand shops are fulfilled by the appropriate service. Commissions and other purchased originals can be picked up in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada, or mailed at the buyer’s expense.

Print On Demand Services

Fine Art Commissions

If you are interested in commissioning Jenna Rideout for a fine art project, or wish to inquire about purchasing an existing original artwork, please review the information below and then get in contact!

Client Contract

The client agrees to provide sufficient reference materials and instructions in order to complete the commissioned piece(s). All reference photographs, sketches, etc. provided must be either a) property of the client in terms of copyright, b) used with permission from the copyright holder (provide proof), or c) obtained from a reputable creative commons, GNU, or public domain licensed depository.

The artist reserves the right to refuse jobs before payment of the deposit for any reason.

The client is purchasing the original artwork only, and does not automatically receive copyright over the produced image. The artist retains the right to reproduce, display and sell the produced image. Your piece is very likely to be featured on my YouTube channel, and if appropriate, may end up on some of my print on demand listings. (Purchase of exclusive use and/or reproduction rights can be arranged for an additional fee.)

Once a commission plan is established, the client owes 50% of the quoted commission price (excluding additonal shipping, matting and/or framing costs) in the form of a non-refundable deposit paid before work begins. The remaining 50% plus any applicable shipping, matting, and/or framing costs is due upon completion before pickup/delivery/shipping.

Shipping will be done through Canada Post unless otherwise requested by the client. All shipping expenses, regardless of carrier, are to be covered by the client.

If desired by the client, the artist can facilitate matting and framing services before the piece is picked up, delivered, or shipped. Wood and basic glass (non-UV) frames can be custom ordered in house from Rideout’s Woodshop. Specialty frames and all matting orders will be handled through other local businesses.

The artist reserves the right to resell, give away, or dispose of any completed commissions that were not paid for in full or otherwise remain physically in the artist’s possession more than 6 months after notification of completion. This is unfortunately necessary due to limited storage.

Lightfastness (Fading) and Protecting Your Artwork

All art surfaces (paper, canvas, etc.) and mediums (pencils, paint, etc.) have lightfastness properties. This refers to how quickly pigments will fade or shift in hue. Materials that are said to be “completely lightfast” have been tested and determined to look as good as new if kept under museum conditions for 100+ years.

Certain types of art materials, such as alcohol inks, are inherently not very lightfast, regardless of manufacturer. (More expensive supplies of this type are not better in terms of lightfastness.) Pieces created using these materials can be boosted in terms of lightfastness by applying a UV-filtering spray finish, but this is not as good as using a truly lightfast material to start with.

Regardless of the inherent lightfastness of the materials used, it is good to do what you can to protect your artwork from fading. Frame with UV-filtering glass, do not store or display in locations that are overly humid or experience extremes in temperature, do not apply tapes or other adhesives that are not acid-free (even to the back of a piece), and avoid displaying in locations that will receive significant direct sunlight.

The known lightfastness of any materials used on commissions or other purchased originals will be disclosed before any money changes hands. The artist is not responsible to refund or replace works that faded within an expected time frame given the known lightfastness, or due to improper display or storage as discussed above. The artist will push for the use of higher lightfast materials during the planning phase of commissions, but clients are free to request non-lightfast materials or purchase other originals created using non-lightfast materials. In these cases, the client must acknowledge the possibility of early fading before purchase, as this is not grounds for refund.

If you are specifically interested in purchasing an original piece you saw completed on my YouTube channel that was done in alcohol ink markers, although you are indeed welcome to purchase if it is available, I strongly recommend ordering a print from one of my print on demand shops instead. I keep all of my completed pieces done on paper in boxes, away from light exposure, to avoid premature fading.


Prices for original artworks and commissions will vary from piece to piece depending on hours to complete, materials used, etc. Note that highly lightfast materials tend to be more expensive to purchase, and may thus increase commission prices to use. Graphite and coloured pencil are very slow mediums (stunning realism in pencil takes a long time!) and will thus cost more in hours to complete than something painted in ink, watercolour, etc. That said, a general guide:

  • 5×8 or smaller simple illustrations, and all digital works start at $10
  • 5×8 or smaller complex illustrations and portraits start at $20
  • 9×12 or smaller simple illustrations start at $25
  • 9×12 or smaller complex illustrations start at $40
  • 9×12 or smaller portraits start at $80
  • Larger pieces start at $80

*Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Payment will be accepted in cash (local clients only) and email e-transfer, or through Paypal. Do not attempt to mail cash or personal cheques. Do not ask to pay using crypto currency.

Note that if you are paying electronically and you are outside Canada, your bank or PayPal account may show multiple phases to your transaction as your payment is converted to CAD, and your bank may charge a foreign currency exchange fee. You have not been double charged for your commission / purchase, and you are responsible for any currency exchange fees.

Appropriate Reference Photographs

Good Reference

A good reference photo for commissioning a portrait is clear (well lit, not blurry) and features the subject at the desired angle. All facial features, colours, markings, etc. should be easy to identify. There should not be any objects (or arms) around the subject’s neck, in front of their lower body, etc. if you want that part of the subject included in the art work. (Small / simple collars can be ignored if desired in pet portraits.)

Pebbles, my faithful studio assistant, says hello.

Bad Reference

The photo to the right is an example of a terrible reference photo for a pet portrait. She’s moving, so the whole photo is blurry. She’s looking away, so I don’t know what her eye colour is, what her face markings look like, etc. There is a hand completely blocking her shoulder and part of one leg, which may be hiding unique markings. All I can see (and produce) from this photo is a generic shorthair domestic cat with orange and black tortoiseshell markings.

Camo doesn’t mind being my “bad” model one bit.

Note that if you are commissioning a memorial pet portrait of a deceased animal, and you are unable to obtain a better picture, I may be willing to improvise using your description of colour/markings and generic photos of animals of the same breed, as long as you acknowledge that I cannot possibly reproduce the animal’s exact likeness under such circumstances, and that you will not refuse final payment based on colour, markings, or shape/size/placement of obscured facial features being slightly off.